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We understand the challenges to engaging your audience and the need for powerful Digital Experiences.  This led us into innovating some of our own technology solutions which we have now turned into product solutions for use by our clients.  Please take a look below and call us for a demonstration or to find out more.


Viewing content makes up the largest portion of the time that consumers spend online, and video accounts for the great majority of that viewing content.  However, despite the fact that online video is accounting for a greater and greater majority of time spent online, video, which is predominantly a linear, passive viewing experience, has failed to adapt to the growing desire from consumers who want a more active role in their online experience.

The Video Disconnect

There’s no choice in the majority of online video. Everyone who views it can do the same things – go forward, go back, pause, or play.  As a result, video offers marketers very little information about the consumers who view it, providing clicks, views and bounce rates when it could be revealing much richer data and insights around their viewer’s interests and needs.

Videos with choice can have up to three times the viewing times, two times the conversions, and 14 times the click-through- to-purchase rates.  These longer engagement times are key for marketers who are looking to drive more meaningful interactions with measurable ROI.

Making Video Interactive

Our SmartVIDEO is an interactive video solution that transforms the traditional viewing experience from a linear monologue into an engaging dialogue. Your SmartVIDEO can incorporate a wide variety of interactive elements directly into the video itself, including hot spots, questions, calculations, branching and more. You can have video specially created for interaction or make use of your existing video.

Through interactive video, you create a two-way conversation with your audience and drive deeper engagement in their viewing experience, turning viewers into active participants

Why is Interactive Video valuable?

Quite simply, viewers will spend more time watching video if they can participate.  Not only does the viewer take in the information within the video, but by interacting, the viewer can be led down their content journey based on their unique needs.  This type of interaction keeps the viewer engaged throughout the whole video and provides you with rich data to feed back into your marketing activities.

How does SmartVIDEO work?

Throughout the video, periodic content, questions, or other graphic elements appear on top of the video or alongside it asking the viewer to participate. These  elements and their actions are customisable, so it’s easy to add an assessment, survey, quiz or even a simple information form within the video.  The frequency of questions, look and feel, location and actions throughout your interactive video is under your control.

How can you leverage SmartVIDEO?

Once you’ve created your SmartVIDEO, you can use it anywhere you would use a regular video to gather information on viewers and prospects, and keep the conversation going with your audience. The information from your SmartVIDEO can then be leveraged to offer personalised follow-up content, inform the sales process, or enable other marketing campaign materials.

Implications for Marketers

Consumers have a desire for choice and control in their online experience.  With the continuing growth of online video, marketers will need to evolve their video strategy and prioritise more choice into the video experience. Doing so will lead to:

  • Greater brand engagement
  • Greater opportunities to engage with clients & consumers
  • Valuable insights from consumer behaviors and preferences
  • A major competitive advantage

What is a SmartDOC?

iDigital Marketing’s unique and innovative SmartDOCs solution enables you to deliver text and graphical PDF style material cross platform from desktop through to tablet and smartphone.  Take a look at SmartDOCs on our Mobile Digest:

Why is it useful?

One major problem for PDFs is that a PDF that works fine on desktop and tablet may require pinching and zooming on Smartphones for the viewer to even be able to read the content or view graphics.

How does it work?

iDigital Marketing’s SmartDOCs solution enables you to develop your PDF style document within our online Content Management System (CMS) and then deliver an online, cross platform viewing experience.  The system intelligently uses the content that you build within the CMS to deliver this content as sections and pages that the viewer can scroll through both horizontally and vertically to get the best viewing engagement on their device.

How is it used?

iDigital Marketing provides you with online access to the SmartDOCs CMS system where you add text, images, infographics and links.  The CMS system guides you through the process so that you can see how best to setup this content.

iDigital Marketing hosts this system for you and you simply provide this link to viewers, link to this content from another site or enable a link within your digital materials. If required, we can provide a fully managed service whereby we not only host but create the SmartDOCs for you from your supplied content.


  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Mobile Digest

iDigital Marketing also provides a further way to deliver your SmartDOCs using our Mobile Digest solution that enables you to deliver multiple SmartDOCs, static PDFs and video content in a truly mobile friendly solution.  This has been designed for those who specifically want to target Smartphone users.

Key Features at a glance

  • Embed video links
  • Online responsive document
  • Provide a great smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop experience
  • Use analytics to determine how your viewers are consuming your content.

Infographics & Animagraphics

Infographics present complex information in a way that is visually stimulating and easily understandable to better engage your audience. They can be used to increase information retention, delivering graphics that are both highly visual and optimised for rapid comprehension. Whether for process overview, research findings, or marketing purposes, these graphics allow for visual storytelling that is both informative and engaging. The use of visual content improves the way that brand stories are received.

Infographics can be used for many purposes, for example:

  • Content on blogs
  • Annual Reports
  • Marketing and Sales Collateral
  • Within PowerPoint Presentations
  • Within Brochures
  • Within eNewsletters and eMagazines

Animated Infographic Videos

This a useful alternative to the static infographic and can incorporate Voice over and audio as well as animating the infographic and text elements themselves.  This brings the information to life and increases engagement and the animated video can be delivered using a variety of vehicles.  Of course it is often very valuable to provide both the animated infographic video and static infographic so that viewers can consume this information in alternate ways and at different times to suit them.

The Animagraphic - Enter Animation and Infographic Interactivity

Animated and interactive infographics (Animagraphics as we call them), especially those designed using HTML5, are quite possibly the future of infographics. Animagraphics engage with viewers better and help add interest to topics that might otherwise come across as mundane.

Drving Engagement

Whilst most web pages can be faithfully and accurately displayed across the web, an interactive infographic is a whole different beast. To have it accurately and consistently render across the various browsers is more complex because interactive infographics will have a design that is non-typical of a webpage, and the interactive behaviour adds further challenges. However, viewer engagement with Animagraphics is markedly increased delivering high impact. A major benefit is that these infographics can link to rich media elements as well as linking to static or interactive PDF material. You also have the ability for data capture as well as the ability to have viewers register their details.

All of these benefits make Animagraphics a highly versatile and powerful tool to engage with your viewers.

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Of marketers repurpose their content 2-5 times. How often do you? Source: Eloqua

Of modern marketers are making content visual and engaging. Source: Eloqua

Of CEOs want to increase external partnering for higher business value. Source: IBM

See Digital Content as a new way to reach their target audience. Source: Marketing Association

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