Helping you Plan

We have a wealth of experience in delivering a variety of digital engagement solutions that enables us to discuss and share the various options available, the pros and cons of each and how best to plan your digital campaigns and content for maximum engagement and success.  Please get in touch – we would be delighted to share our experience.


Helping you Create

Whether you need completely new content or would like to re-work existing content, we would be delighted to help you create engaging digital experiences for your audience. We will happily manage the whole project for you or work on certain parts on behalf of your internal team – together we will create the best solution for your needs.


Helping you Deliver

We can show you new ways to deliver your content and help you integrate a variety of digital tools into a holistic marketing campaign. Whether you need a micro portal for a specific product or service, online interactive video to find out the needs of your audience or interactive media or presentations to support your sales events we will help you every step of the way.

Digital Vision

Developing a strategic vision for effective digital engagements can be a challenge, particularly when the complexities of your business, service or product offerings, the variety of digital tools available and audience preferences are taken into account.

We help you develop a digital strategy that guides your business from inception to delivery.  We work with you to review your digital capabilities, the wants of your audience, the digital tools that are appropriate and develop a comprehensive and integrated strategy to provide a rich user experience through the development and delivery of engaging digital experiences that generate positive ROI.

Integrated Approach

To establish a way forward for digital engagements that meet user requirements as well as your corporate objectives requires an integrated digital approach.  An approach that brings together digital content, tools and channels in a cohesive strategy that connects your brand, builds relationships and accelerates the growth of your business.

Intelligent Digital Strategies

We devise intelligent digital strategies utilising our knowledge, experience and continued R&D to ensure your branded experiences are cost-effective, innovative and maximise the digital opportunities for your organisation.

Whether you want advice on how best to integrate existing marketing activities or would like help in developing your digital strategy and content delivery, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Engaging Brand Materials

Our team of designers specialise in creating engaging brand materials incorporating insightful graphics and illustrations that connect with your audience. Whether you require a new logo, graphics for marketing materials or an infographic to simplify your message or process, you can be assured of a visually engaging result.

Understanding Your Brand

Whether it’s for print or digital, we provide all the brand identity elements and tools required to ensure consistency both internally and externally.  Firstly we work with you to understand your vision, goals, objectives and marketplace. Next we focus on your audience to understand their influences, attitude and behaviours.  We then work with you to identify what makes you and your service or product stand out from the competition.  Finally we formulate creative brand solutions that align your values and company offerings with your audience’s mindset and expectations.

Your Digital Brand

We work with you to create a brand image and guidelines that work across all of your organisational and marketing materials – whether online of offline.

Just some of the things our creative team can deliver for you:

  • Identity and logo design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Marketing materials – online and offline
  • Brochures and Annual Reports
  • Internal brand engagement
  • Infographics
  • Digital Publications
  • Signage – print and digital

Responsive Websites & Portals

We create responsive websites, portals and e-commerce solutions that have great design, are based on your needs and which yield tangible results. We help you stand out from the crowd with an attention grabbing, engaging and interactive design.

We understand your website is central to your brand identity, reputation and how customers perceive you and we help you use your site to demonstrate what’s special about what you have to offer.  We strive to build your site just the way you want it, listening carefully to your ideas and requirements but we also offer expert advice and opinion to help deliver a highly professional and connective website.

A great Online Experience

We use our years of experience to create this website using the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery as well as looking at interactive elements to bring your site to life.   We also create News and Magazine style themed sites – why not develop a magazine style microsite as an information rich delivery tool?

Providing a great online experience is essential for connecting with your audience.  Our web solutions will help connect and grow your business. An ever increasing amount of web traffic is delivered to tablets and smart phones and as this usage increases, so does the importance of responsive web design.  For this reason, we build responsive websites and portals that deliver a compelling digital experience regardless of device.

What kind of site would you like?

We deliver Mobile-friendly websites, CMS based Knowledge Portals, eCommerce websites, Portals, Brochure sites, eMagzine sites, Animagraphics & Campaign Landing Pages.  What kind of website would you like?

  • Responsive sites
  • CMS based sites
  • e-Commerce solutions
  • Portals
  • Knowledge Centres
  • Mobile Digest sites
  • News and Magazine themed sites.

Get your content out there

Many organisations use content as a powerful marketing tool to connect with clients and prospects but a key questions is how best to deliver this content in a way that truly engages.  In today’s digital world, there are many innovative ways to engage with  this content such as interactive PDFs and eBooks as well as eNewsletters and eMagazines and not forgetting the power of infographics and a unique process we have develop for animating these infographics – what we call ‘Animagraphics’.

Fast Track Dynamic Content Tools

We work with you to discuss the content you have, the results you require and share our experience and the tools that will have maximum impact.  We help you re-purpose existing content as well as create newly designed content.  Let us help you Fast-Track the creation of dynamic communication tools that help you connect with your audience and cut through the noise.

Online & Off-line Materials

We also create attention-grabbing print material to engage with clients and prospects when they are not online.  Our creative graphic designers will help you to produce a wide variety of marketing materials and documents and because we handle online branding and tool creation too, your print materials and online designs will work together seamlessly.

  • Interactive PDFs
  • Content Apps for tablets/smartphones
  • eBooks
  • eNewsletters
  • eMagazines
  • Infographics
  • Animagraphics
  • Posters
  • Brochures and reports

Video production, Interactive Video, Green Screen, Podcasts, Voice Overs & Animation

Video is one of the most engaging mediums available. Just look at the success of YouTube – now the world’s second largest search engine after Google, with over 1 billion unique users and over 6 billion hours of video watched each month.

Use the power of video to bring brands, products and content to life for online delivery, events, training and presentations.  We deliver engaging and entertaining video experiences that resonate, develop meaningful relationships and leave a lasting impression.

We have also developed a solution for enhancing your video by making it interactive.  You can use this interactivity to offer a much more involved experience for your viewer, changing it from a strictly linear medium, to a two-way conversation with your audience – driving deeper engagement in their viewing experience, and turning viewers into active participants.

Why not empower your viewers to participate and collect useable viewer data at the same time?

Making the whole process simple

We have worked on many video production projects providing pre-production services including concept development, storyboarding and scriptwriting through to on location or studio shoots, as well as sourcing voice over artists and acting talent. We can also work with existing scripts or write these for you and develop concepts that bring these scripts to life.

We also have specialist video production capabilities and equipment including green screen shoots, crane jib and slider facilities for creating those extra special shots.

  • Scriptwriting & Storyboarding
  • Studio or on location
  • Actor/Actress screening
  • Green screen shoot
  • Voice Over Artists
  • Staged scenarios using actors or in-house staff
  • Specialist shots using Crane Jibs & Sliders

Motion Graphics & Animation

Whether you need a corporate video, documentary, commercial, logo ident or animated product demo, we deliver entertaining animated video content that engages.  We deliver motion graphics and animation to facilitate everything from simple storytelling and character led stories to visualising technical or complex concepts.

Motion graphics and visual effects can also be used to enhance existing video content, improving its impact and retaining audience interest.

High Impact Presentation Materials

We create bespoke slides and innovative digital presentations for clients both nationally and globally.  We have produced visually compelling solutions across a wide variety of industry sectors, ranging from branded custom templates, bespoke presentations, self-running animated sequences and interactive sales tools.

Combining great design & technology

We use a combination of great design and technology know how to create effective and successful presentations.  Great design for visually stunning presentations and technology to introduce interactive and animated elements for persuasive communication and audience engagement.

Taking your presentations to a whole new level

Whether you’re looking for a new presentation, tailor-made from scratch, or you need to enhance and refresh an existing one, we’d love to help take your presentations to a whole new level.

  • Highly Visual Designs
  • Animation for impact
  • Interactive Functionality
  • PowerPoint – Keynote – HTML5
  • Infographics & Animagraphics
  • Video Creation and embedding

Interactive Multi-media for Events, Exhibitions and Visitor Areas

We help you create and deliver media rich content that makes your viewers sit up and take notice.  Whether you are looking to attract and engage with visitors on your exhibition stand or are looking to connect with visitors who call at your office locations, we help you create everything necessary to get your message across.  Our Interactive media designers create a wide range of engaging, interactive content using text, data, graphics, sound, video, animation and other digital and visual effects to create compelling visual presentations.

Engaging Interactive Content

We design content to connect with your brand, introduce your business, convey ideas or explain complex business processes and can incorporate video as well as interactive elements to deliver an engaging viewer experience.

  • Graphics & Illustration
  • Video and animation
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Self running shows
  • Interactive experience
  • Copywriting & Scripting
  • Quzzing
  • Data Capture

eLearning Content Development, Hosting Solutions & Training Materials

Develop the right skills and attitudes for your staff with focused and engaging training.  They will be much more performant in their role, which can also have a direct bearing on how they engage with clients and prospects.  In order to develop these skills, you can engage and support your employees with traditional classroom style training and materials as well as offering an enhanced training experience through the delivery of online learning content or eLearning tools.

Learning when needed

The power of eLearning is that content can be delivered online, offline, via desktop or laptop or via mobile devices. It enables learners to engage with the content at a time, place and in a way that best suits them – aiding in the take-up and retention process.  eLearning can also form part of a Blended Learning approach – which combines eLearning tools with more traditional approaches such as classroom training or job aids which we can also help develop for you.

Helping you deliver Effective Learning

The world of eLearning can seem confusing and bewildering – there’s lots of jargon, lots of tools and technologies and lots of bias!  So let us help advise you in this area as well as develop learning content for you where appropriate.  Our sister company – eLearning Transformer – specialises in the creation and delivery of interactive content, tools and hosting of learners and learning material.  Visit or contact us to find out how we can help.

We provide:

  • eLearning content creation
  • Interactive video
  • Animated video
  • Scenario based learning
  • Simulation for software, machinery & equipment
  • eLearning platform hosting – LMS & LRS
  • Classroom & workshop training materials
  • Support materials such as job aids, posters
  • Digital publications to support learners
  • eLearning strategy development & skills support
  • MLS – a fully Managed Learning Service

Digital Insights

Only one third of marketers believe their digital experiences are a differentiator. Source: Econsultancy

Of organisations surveyed pointed to ‘improving user engagement and customer engagement’ as a key business objective. Source: Econsultancy

Of Marketers say that a lack of resource is a major challenge. Source: The Marketing Society

Of Marketers say that a lack of in-house expertise is a key obstacle. Source: The Marketing Society

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