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About iDigital Marketing

iDigital Marketing has grown from the merger of several multi-media businesses into the innovative digital agency we are today.  We have assembled a highly motivated team who have a real enthusiasm for digital creations and care passionately about delivering exciting digital solutions for our clients.  The combination of our strategic, creative, consulting, branding and technical capabilities means we help create an optimised digital strategy that delivers engaging experiences to enable our clients to grow and develop their business.

Creativity and innovation is our strength, delivering eye catching designs and experiences – online and offline as well as cross platform – that enable our client’s brand to really stand out from the crowd.

We strive to build ongoing partnerships by earning your trust and producing fantastic results. We’re highly focused on the quality of the digital solutions we deliver and are proud to say that because of this focus, we work with a wide range of major brands helping them deliver successful digital marketing experiences.

We also develop our own innovative digital products and solutions that keep us ahead of our competitors and give you industry leading solutions such as Interactive Videos and SmartDOCs – which are fully responsive documents for cross platform viewing.

How are we different?

What makes us different to many other agencies is that we have the essential skills, tools and knowledge to create all content and delivery solutions in-house – making us a true one stop shop. In addition, we have a friendly approach and happily provide a supporting hand for any in-house projects that just need that extra bit of resource.

We have experience working at Corporate Senior levels in Sales, Marketing and Media which enables us to understand the commercial context for all of the materials that we design and deliver and the need for strong ROI to drive your Commercial Growth.

Why Choose Us?

  • Digital Content Specialists
  • In house production, including video and animation
  • Online & offline content creation
  • Brand Development
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Commercial Focus & Experience
  • We work to become a long term partner- not just a supplier
  • Experience, Knowledge and Talent – take a look at our Digital Showcase

Terry Simmons

Managing Director

With over 30 years experience in strategy, sales, marketing, media and communications, Terry is ideally placed to provide the strategic framework, digital insights and leadership to enable iDigital Marketing to create engaging digital experiences for its clients. With a commitment to delivering the best digital content tools in the market, Terry would love to talk to you about your next digital project.

The Team

Experience & Skills

The team at iDigital Marketing has built up its digital skillset over several years across a wide variety of projects for both national and global clients and has absorbed a wealth of knowledge and experience over this time. Creativity, innovation and technology capabilities are at the heart of the team’s success and we continue to transform the way brands engage and connect with a passion and excitement for all things digital.

Extra Resource

When you need it!

With experience in all areas of digital marketing, from digital strategy development through to creating practical mobile experiences, we consider the whole digital landscape – as well as offline, event and print communications –  to ensure your consumer interacts positively with your brand.  We begin with your objectives and blend the necessary skills with strategic, creative and technical expertise to deliver positive results.  We integrate with your own team to deliver joined up thinking that delivers on your bottom line.

Digital Insights

Have the right skill set internally to create and distribute digital content Source: Marketing Association

Have a big enough team dedicated to creating and distributing digital content Source: Marketing Association

Of organisations have difficulty presenting competitive differentiation: Source: Qvidian

Of buyers are halfway in their buying decision before content is presented. Source: Qvidian

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