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An overwhelming challenge for many organisations is how to make their marketing content and messages stand out and connect meaningfully with their customers and prospects?

Undoubtedly content is a powerful marketing tool, but how best to deliver this content in a way that truly engages?  We create exciting and innovative digital marketing publications to deliver your content that are visually stunning, that work beautifully across device types and that introduce both animation and interactivity to capture the imagination, and most importantly attention, of the viewer.

Interactive Brochures and Reports

Interactive brochures takes your marketing publications to a whole new level.  Combining the power of a highly visual document and online functionality, you are able to deliver a beautifully designed marketing publication with animations, video, links and powerful navigation. The viewer experiences a highly professional looking document with engrossing media elements and interactivity that significantly enhances their engagement.

The way we utilise buttons and navigation enables you to introduce further content dependent upon how the viewer clicks through the publication. This means you can deliver a wide range of content without overpowering the viewer. These documents are ideal for high impact sales brochures, marketing communication and high profile reports.

This document itself is an example of an interactive brochure.

Interactive PDFs

An interactive PDF combines a highly visual PDF document with elements of interactivity such as hyperlinks and navigation buttons.

These are powerful tools for supporting your client’s marketing campaigns and communication activities as well providing a great approach to presenting complex reference material such as market research findings.

With an interactive PDF you can introduce audio, video and infographics as well as fillable forms for data collection. An added bonus is that they can be developed as printable documents too.

Introducing SmartDOCs

Our SmartDOC solution enables you to deliver highly visual, interactive online documents that look great on any platform from desktop through to smartphone, unlike PDFs which may require pinching and zooming to be legible on mobile devices.

Make your documents more engaging by adding a variety of interactive elements within your SmartDOC to really bring your documents to life:

How does it work?

We take your content in whatever format you have and re-purpose this to create a SmartDOC that delivers an engaging online, cross platform viewing experience.  Your audience gets the best viewing engagement whatever their device. 

Make your Documents Interactive!

We build an engaging viewing experience by adding a variety of interactive elements within your SmartDOC to really bring your documents to life:

  • Embed video and audio
  • Make use of flip card content
  • Provide image galleries and image hotspots to expand on information
  • Use interactive accordions to simplify text delivery
  • Provide knowledge checks to assess understanding
  • Enable links for external resources
  • Provide Interactive timelines and process flows

Video Communication

Video is a powerful ally in your content marketing strategy, just look at the success of YouTube, now the world’s second largest search engine after Google. Video marketing is a powerful way to create content that has a real impact on your audience creating emotionally driven engagement.

One of the biggest strengths of video marketing is that it is highly visual, making it far easier for viewers to connect with than purely text-based content. When customers remember your video, they also remember the brand, which translates into more opportunities for sales.

Why invest in Video?

Sixty-five percent of business decision makers visit an organisation’s website after viewing a branded video. Developing high quality video marketing content, that is relevant to the viewer, dramatically improves conversion rates, helps simplify messages and delivers a compelling call to action. In addition, adding video to landing pages and websites improves SEO value and increases time spent on the website .

Video content performs well across all devices.

Today, one of the biggest trends driving the digital marketing world is responsive design. Video content is great for viewing on all devices, ranging from computers to mobile phones. This expands video’s reach making it more user friendly and viewer focused.

Making the whole process simple

We help make the whole process simpleLet us look after the technical aspects whilst you focus on the message. We work with you to provide pre-production services including concept development and scriptwriting through to on location or studio shoots. If you have an existing script, we will help you develop and deliver concepts that bring this script to life. We can also introduce motion graphics (animated elements), professional voice over and musical soundtracks alongside filmed video to increase impact.

  • Scriptwriting & Storyboarding
  • Organising Studio or on location filming
  • Staged scenarios using actors or in-house personnel
  • Green screen shoots for increased impact
  • Sourcing Voice Over Artists
  • Creative shoots that use specialist camera equipment

Promotional Video

Use the power of video and effective storytelling to bring your brand proposition, products and services to life for both online delivery and key marketing campaigns. Video is such a versatile medium, why not consider using it for video case studies, video emails and client testimonials?

“Isn’t it time to use the power of video for your business?”

Training/Instructional Video

We can help support both your internal and external training objectives, whether that is introducing company culture to new joiners or demonstrating how to operate or maintain products for technical support or the customer base. Video is also a great way to educate sales representatives on the key benefits of their products and services making them more effective in their sales calls.

Event Video - capture the moment!

For those special marketing events, we provide a high quality filming service to capture a memorable record which you can then share to a much wider audience. We also provide talking heads, animations and supporting videos, shot and produced in advance, to be showcased at your events, increasing the level of impact and engagement with the target audience.

Introducing Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, engaging, animated videos used to introduce a variety of subjects that capture audience attention quickly.  They help reduce complexity, explaining processes and procedures or provide product functionality tours that help reduce support costs. . They help make the complex simple, the boring exciting and the challenging fun. We offer 3 styles to choose from:

| Illustrated | Whiteboard | Infographic |

Illustrated Style

Explainer videos are short, engaging, animated videos used to introduce a variety of subjects that capture audience attention quickly.  They help reduce complexity, explaining processes and procedures or provide product functionality tours that help reduce support costs. . They help make the complex simple, the boring exciting and the challenging fun.

Whiteboard Style

Use a whiteboard animation style to help your messages really stand out. Combining visual storytelling, strong illustration, animation, professional voice over and a musical soundtrack, we help your client’s get noticed, explain their concepts and connect with their target audience.

Infographic Style

Animated infographic videos are a compelling alternative to the static infographic and can incorporate voice over and audio as well as animating the infographic and text elements themselves.  Delivering these across a variety of channels brings the information to life and increases engagement.

Introducing IntuVIDEO

As powerful as video is, would you like an interactive video solution that transforms the traditional viewing experience from a linear monologue into an engaging dialogue? Our interactive video solution, IntuVIDEO, incorporates a variety of interactive elements directly onto the video, including hot spots, questions, links and much more. These significantly increase user participation and engagement, enabling you to capture information directly from the viewer to better inform your marketing strategy.

The Video Disconnect

There’s no choice in the majority of online video. Everyone who views it can do the same things – go forward, go back, pause, or play.  As a result, video offers marketers very little information about the consumers who view it, providing clicks, views and bounce rates when it could be revealing much richer data and insights around their viewer’s interests and needs.

Videos with choice can have up to three times the viewing times, two times the conversions, and 14 times the click-through- to-purchase rates.  These longer engagement times are key for marketers who are looking to drive more meaningful interactions with measurable ROI.

Making Video Interactive

Our IntuVIDEO is an interactive video solution that transforms the traditional viewing experience from a linear monologue into an engaging dialogue. Your IntuVIDEO can incorporate a wide variety of interactive elements directly into the video itself, including hot spots, questions, calculations, branching and more. You can have video specially created for interaction or make use of your existing video.

You can use this interactivity to offer a much more involved experience for your viewer, changing it from a strictly linear medium, to a two-way conversation with your audience – driving deeper engagement in their viewing experience, and turning viewers into active participants.

Why is Interactive Video valuable?

Quite simply, viewers will spend more time watching video if they can participate.  Not only does the viewer take in the information within the video, but by interacting, the viewer can be led down their content journey based on their unique needs.  This type of interaction keeps the viewer engaged throughout the whole video and provides you with rich data to feed back into your marketing activities.

How does IntuVIDEO work?

Throughout the video, periodic content, questions, or other graphic elements appear on top of the video or alongside it asking the viewer to participate. These  elements and their actions are customisable, so it’s easy to add an assessment, survey, quiz or even a simple information form within the video.  The frequency of questions, look and feel, location and actions throughout your interactive video is under your control.

How can you leverage IntuVIDEO?

Once you’ve created your IntuVIDEO, you can use it anywhere you would use a regular video to gather information on viewers and prospects, and keep the conversation going with your audience. The information from your IntuVIDEO can then be leveraged to offer personalised follow-up content, inform the sales process, or enable other marketing campaign materials.

Implications for Marketers

Consumers have a desire for choice and control in their online experience.  With the continuing growth of online video, marketers will need to evolve their video strategy and prioritise more choice into the video experience. Doing so will lead to:

  • Greater brand engagement
  • Greater opportunities to engage with clients & consumers
  • Valuable insights from consumer behaviors and preferences
  • A major competitive advantage

Why not empower your viewers to participate and collect useable viewer data at the same time?


We create visually stimulating infographics that bring data, insights, processes and messages to life, clearly and succinctly, to better engage your client’s audience.

Infographics also present complex information in a graphical way that helps with retention and rapid comprehension.

Infographics can be used for many purposes, for example:

  • Content on blogs
  • Annual reports
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Within PowerPoint presentations
  • Within brochures
  • Within eNewsletters and eMagazines

The Animagraphic – Infographic meets Animation!

Animated and interactive infographics (Animagraphics”), are quite possibly the future of infographics. Viewer engagement is markedly increased, and Animagraphics can link to rich media and interactive elements You also have the ability for data capture and to have viewers register their details.

High Impact Presentation Materials

Do your presentations deliver the results they require? Are they engaging, visually appealing and do they connect with the audience?

Many presentations fail to deliver, so we help organisations create presentations that are memorable, engaging and inspiring. Let us help Improve the quality of your presentations and achieve powerful results.

We use our visual storytelling expertise to provide a range of presentation services for sales, marketing, education, knowledge transfer and internal communications. We bring together insightful presentation design, strong graphics and attention grabbing video and animation for high impact, that transforms your client’s business communications.

Presentation Creation

Our expert presentation designers will create stunning visuals to engage your audience. We tell your story from an audience’s perspective, and make sure they find the message persuasive. We also ensure that the presentation design is clear and compelling whether used in a meeting, at an event or shown one to one on a tablet.

Presentation Makeover

Are your presentation’s undermined by poor slide design? Do the messages fail to get through because the slides don’t have any impact? We find that most organisations need some help with their slide design and with a presentation makeover, we’ll give the slides the design attention they need and build in the impact necessary to ensure your slides look professional.

PowerPoint Toolkits

Have you had enough of your team producing poor PowerPoint presentations? Do you struggle to manage an appropriate use of brand guidelines, or convince personnel that their use of inappropriate clip art is “killing” the presentation? We will create a PowerPoint toolkit that gives the layouts, style and graphics needed so that you can deliver powerful, dynamic, on-brand slides, without having to constantly call in external help.

Self Running Sales Presentations

Consider introducing a self running, interactive version of your sales and marketing presentation that keeps on selling after your sales call. We can incorporate audio and video to support the presentation which can be delivered via a branded USB stick or made available as a download from your website.

Interactive Multi-media for Events, Exhibitions and Visitor Areas

Exhibitions and events are costly marketing tools and you need to maximise the ROI for these activities. Whether you are looking to attract and engage with visitors on an exhibition stand, present at an event or are looking to connect with visitors who call at your office locations, we help create everything necessary to initiate that crucial connection.

Engaging Interactive Content

Our Interactive media designers create powerful, versatile content that drives connections with your brand and your business offerings and can incorporate stunning rich media as well as interactive elements to deliver an engaging visitor experience.

  • Video and animation
  • Interactive Brochures
  • Seminar presentations
  • Self running presentations
  • Interactive video surveys

Responsive Websites & Portals

We create responsive websites, portals and e-commerce solutions that have great design, are based on your real needs and deliver a memorable online experience to connect with your visitors.

A strong website is central to your brand identity, reputation and how visitors perceive you and we support this with an attention grabbing, engaging website.

What kind of online experience best suits your visitors?

  • A highly visual brochure site
  • A CMS based knowledge portal
  • A product focused e-Commerce store
  • An Infographic focused site
  • A video rich educational portal
  • A thought provoking news and magazine themed site
  • Powerful campaign landing pages to deliver the call to action

Creating Engaging Digital Experiences for your audience

Why not chat to us about helping you create digital experiences from your content? we always deliver innovative integrated solutions, maximum impact and genuine client engagement to provide powerful results.

Digital Insights

Only one third of marketers believe their digital experiences are a differentiator. Source: Econsultancy

Of organisations surveyed pointed to ‘improving user engagement and customer engagement’ as a key business objective. Source: Econsultancy

Of Marketers say that a lack of resource is a major challenge. Source: The Marketing Society

Of Marketers say that a lack of in-house expertise is a key obstacle. Source: The Marketing Society

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